I began my restoration journey from a studio in South London in 1998. At the time I was getting back into Textile Design which is the subject I studied for Degree. It so happened that I took on a studio mate who was a Ceramic Restorer. We both decided to do a skill swap as she was keen to learn screen printing and I restoration. I soon found I had a real affinity for restoration and decided I wanted to study further which I went on to do. This was before the internet really took off, my means of gaining work was to trawl round London with my portfolio knocking on Antique Dealers doors. I did this successfully for many years. Now thanks to the internet my clients come to me.

My clients have included leading Antique businesses in West London including major dealers in Staffordshire, Masons Ironstone, Dutch delft,Chinese export and Royal Copenhagen.The majority of my clients are now individuals, collectors and dealers.

Each item I receive is repaired using up to date materials and techniques either as a conservation or invisible repair.I feel it is important to preserve as much of the original as possible in order to maintain the integrity of the piece.I use glazes which are non yellowing and therefore produce work that will stand the test of time.

I can restore all types of ceramics including earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, parian ware, plaster works.The restoration undertaken includes consolidating items to prevent further deterioration,sculpting and moulding missing parts, minor chips, re- assembling items broken in multiple pieces, retouching using an airbrush, painting and colour fills.I can also remove stains using poulticing techniques and sensitive cleaning agents

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